Welcome to Abhyudaya Industries

About Us

Abhyudaya Industries is a registered MSME under PMEGP for Women Empowerment.

Let's consciously use Eco-Friendly products for our Healthy future, both for Humans and Environment. Let's Go Green and serve healthy food in a healthy and safe way, by serving in Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Leaf Plates. We will be saving huge gallons of water. Let's spread this message to Everyone.

Our process of manufacturing:

The natural sal leaves, are plucked from forest by village and tribal women and earn money. The leaves are then dried hygienically and stored in bundles and procured.
Leaves are stitched manually or on sewing machines. The stitched leaves are then pressed onto 3ply corrugated sheet with 2% polycoat under heat, into plates and bowls in required sizes.
The local women, are employed to stitch leaves and plate making.